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Outright Mobile App Design

Outright provides an online bookkeeping tool for small businesses. While working with the friendly folks at Outright, there was an obbvious need for a Mobile (iOS) Version of the App. For this project I focused on the visual design and worked together with the UX researcher and dev team to reconfigure the more detailed functionality of the web-based app, into a more simplified experience to meet a mobile user's needs. Part of the design requirements was to have the mobile app be integrated with the existing look and feel of the outright brand. Outright was acquired by

Project Details

Date: October 2012 - April 2014

Roles: Mobile Design, Visual Design, UX & UI Design.

Client:Outright (Acquired by GoDaddy in 2013)


Launch & Activation Screens
Getting that App Started

Launch Screen

Activation Screen.1

Activation Screen.2

Activation Screen.3. Start!

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