YouEye Home Page Design


First Round Homepage Design concepts.

YouEye provides technology to conduct remote Usability Testing with a unique eye-tracking feature. As a Freelance consultant I was approached by the friendly folks at YouEye to help refresh the look and feel of their brand/website starting with the homepage based off of their specifications and needs: A modern, flat and visually appealing design that would be scaleable and potentially responsive down the line. Unfortunately the page never came to fruition, due to an organizational reshuffle and a subsequent canning of the project altogether. A fine selection of first round designs nonetheless :)

Project Details

Date: March 2013

Roles: Visual/UI/UX Design, Creative Direction.

Client: YouEye

YouEye Homepage Redesign - Concept.1

YouEye Homepage Redesign - Concept.2

YouEye Homepage Redesign - Concept.3

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